Sunday, March 1, 2009

A clothes encounter of the bird(brained) kind

Halfway through the Jazzercise class, I remember with a start that I've forgotten to pick up the dry-cleaning. Dry-cleaning that is getting dangerously near that unclaimed, overdue point at which the facility donates it to charity. After class, I sort through my purse for the ticket, but alas, that is missing along with my brain. No problem, these nice cleaners know me by sight.

No, says the little Korean lady at the counter, there's no record of cleaning here for you. Are you sure, I ask, two men's jackets, one khaki one navy blue? No, she says, sorting through computer records and racks in the back. I'm wondering what to tell the owner of those jackets (who will not be pleased) when she announces, with triumph, you pick clothes up February 19th.

Oh heavens, how do you say menopause moment in Korean?


Wendy said...

Oh that made me laugh! And how red your face must have been! Never mind, at least you have the clothes. Nobody gave them away.
Still laughing....

Haralee said...

That is funny. Did the wearer pick it up? I know I will look in the washer or dryer expecting to see clothes and they aren't there and I have to just think the clothes fairy visited!

Reality Man said...

I hadn't even read this when I remarked, at lunch last week, that you are your own best subject. If you were to meditate, would you be jarred out of it with a sudden realization you should be at Jazzercize?

femail doc said...

W: Yes, worst of all would've been the clothes gone for good.

H: No, I picked them up, it all came back to me after she told me they'd already been retrieved. I've opened both washer and dryer to full loads, forgotten loads, occasionally mildly mildewed loads (at least damp things don't tend to rot in this dry climate.

RM: The tendency of my mind to roam over such subjects as missed appts. and missing clothes totally precludes my future in meditation.

Midlife Midwife said...

How do you say menopause moment in Korean?

"geng nyeon gi ga wa so, mi chyeot na bwa yo. shirl soo hes so yo "
Literally, "because of menopause I went crazy and made a mistake" More like I wasn't in my right mind because of menopause.?

(sorry, couldn't resist, my son speaks Korean)