Saturday, August 15, 2009

Aging attorney flops at the courthouse

This is a good moment from Miss Trial here in town:

I think I’ve seen the wearing of slippers to the office covered in your blog, but today I wore my flip flops to court! Didn’t notice until I was putting quarters in the meter, dropped a quarter near my feet and saw them. There was no time for turning back.

So, I flip flopped my way along the sidewalk to the courthouse, went through security and as the flip-flop sound echoed through the hallways I truly did notice people looking at my feet. I shrugged my shoulders and smiled weakly (very). In the courtroom I was able to position my briefcase so my feet didn’t show, and when I walked up to the podium I waddled in a way that the flip-flopping was minimized.

I think it’s time to carry a spare pair of dress shoes in my trunk!