Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How's this for openers?

This menopause moment brought to you by Wendy, a blogger friend whose exploits rival mine; either neither one of us is losing it, or we both are!

I was walking round the neighbourhood this morning. The sun was out and the air was nice and warm. We still have snowbanks all around, but they are fast receding. Coming to a muddy ditch, I stopped to watch the fast-moving, icy-looking water, as it ran downhill towards the village.

Smiling and happy, I reach the end of my street, where our post-boxes stand like soldiers by the side of the road. Reaching into my coat pocket, I grasp my set of keys and nonchalantly push the button.
Nothing happens.
I push again.
Oh no!

Quickly, I look around. Nobody has seen me.
Fitting my key into the lock on my mailbox, I take out the day's mail.
I can't believe I just tried to open my mailbox with my car door opener!
And my car, of course is at home, sitting innocently in the garage.


kenju said...

I have probably done that too although I have no memory of it....lol)

Wendy said...

I still think your coffee-making (minus the carafe) tops the list.
I can still picture that delicious (and expensive) brown Costa Rica coffee merrily splashing all over your countertop, into the drawers and on the floor. All the while you are in the shower, anticipating that first morning cup! LOL!

TRS said...

Sadly, I too have aimed my car door opener at the front door of my condo!!

In my defense, I had just bought a car - my first to feature that handy tool and I was drunk with power over the thing!

The drunk carried over - I guess.

senorris said...

My husband who is well into the age range of "menopause" has aimed his truck remote at the front door of our house at least 2x that I'm aware of. I don't think this memory thing is restricted to just us poor hapless females...