Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Aw shoe-t! Tucking moments on moments

I tried not to stare at my patient's feet as we discussed her medical condition. I couldn't help wondering, however, me being a doctor and all, whether or not there was something wrong with her left foot. Was that an orthopedic old lady shoe styled for grandmas with bunions?

When she settled onto the exam table, she smiled and stretched out her feet. "I couldn't find black socks this morning, so I settled for brown. But I didn't notice that I had two different shoes on 'til I got to the office--I'm hoping everyone assumed I wore this other shoe because my foot hurts."

Later that afternoon, I recounted this story to another like-minded (or no-minded?) old soul. She laughed, then cleared her throat and said with an apologetic smile "Did you know that your sweater is tucked into your pants in the back."

Good lord, couldn't remember just when I'd gone to the restroom, but I hoped that everyone assumed this partial tuck was part of a deliberate look.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Brownie points

...an honorary menopause moment

Text from teen:
So when will the brownies take effect?
Text from mom: Well they must already be working because you just texted your mom. I'll be right there to pick you up.