Sunday, December 27, 2009

Cutting edge...

Or lunatic fringe? Here's where the Christmas season took me:

1. I send a grocery certificate to our tireless paper man each year in thanks for his pre-dawn delivery of the news. I keep hoping that this little tip will cause him to throw it slightly closer to the door, but alas, that hasn't happened yet. I didn't send him one last year as I misplaced his "Christmas card" containing his self-addressed envelope (not stamped, however). Pulled a book off the shelf the other day, one that I read...oh say about a year ago...and found said card in play as a bookmark.

2. I received a rebate check about a month ago, not for much but 'free money' and a shame to lose it. But lost it was amidst the circulars and Christmas catalogues and back issues of "Science." While rooting around in my files the other day, I found it paper-clipped to the November bank statement.

3. My husband always totes a large trash bag out Christmas morning to throw away wrapping paper lest I grab it up for reuse next year. The bag swung with a metallic clunk against our radiator. On investigation, he found the scissors that I misplaced while gift-wrapping the night before. I have no idea how it got there, and I wondered if the lost roll of tape was in there too.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What a crumby surprise!

At the end of this long day, I was writing in charts, snacking on chocolates with sprinkles. I noted a besprinkled candy crumb on the desk, plucked it up and popped it in my mouth. Well no, it wasn't something really, really awful, but I quickly fished that piece of fuzz from my winter gloves off my tongue.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Muffed my muffin mission

I zipped down the basement stairs to get a package of English muffins out of the freezer. In a bit of a hurry as I had an afternoon engagement, I stopped by the guest bedroom to check out my hair in the mirror there. Would it need washing? Could it be saved with a bit of fluffing and a barrette?

Looking good, I decided, smiling at myself in the dim light. Looking really good. I ran back upstairs, puffed with a false pride of appearance uncommon to middle-aged women in sweats and slippers.

Back in the kitchen, my husband looked up expectantly for the muffins...the muffins still safe in the freezer.