Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Put a lid on it!

In the scheme of menopause moments, this was just a little menopause oversight, annoying but no serious consequences.

I spotted the stupid laundry, let it sit awhile, added the detergent and set the cycle. Then I headed out for the day, expecting to initiate dry and fold upon my return. Well, the soak's on me! Stupid laundry sat all day in soapy water because I forgot to close the washer lid before I left.

How's that for airing my dirty laundry?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The irony of the egg

In an ironic but menopausal moment, I no sooner finished my last post but I headed downstairs. Cooking smells filled the air, and my first conclusion was that my husband, uncharacteristically, had decided to start in making brunch.

Imagine my surprise and dismay to discover the eggs I'd put on to hard boil prior to heading up to write bumping wildly about in what little water remained in the pot. The chronicling of one menopause moment leads to another.

Is this a new app for IPhones?

I grabbed my blue fleece jacket after exercise class, thrusting my hand in the pocket to make sure my IPhone was still there. Reassured by its familiar shape, I pulled it out to check for messages. My first shock--it no longer had a cover. The second? My photograph of autumn leaves was gone, replaced by the original "earth from space" wallpaper.

My brain whirled, trying to figure out how a phone could transform completely in an hour. Only then did I come up with the alternative--and correct--conclusion that this was not my blue fleece jacket; mine, in fact, still hung from its hook.

The times when my first explanatory pass at a menopause moment is completely absurd are those when I feel most in danger of impending dementia!