Sunday, March 29, 2009

At a lost for words at the dry cleaners?

Oh this was too rich to relegate to the comments section. I recently wrote a post about a hare-brained encounter with the kindly Korean lady at my local dry cleaners, and wondered therein how I could explain my 'menopause moment' to her lest she suspect I was losing my mind.

MidlifeMidwife came to my rescue with this language lesson:

"geng nyeon gi ga wa so, mi chyeot na bwa yo. shirl soo hes so yo "
Literally, "because of menopause I went crazy and made a mistake" More like I wasn't in my right mind because of menopause.
(sorry, couldn't resist, my son speaks Korean)


Wendy said...

I remember that post! It was hilarious! Well now you have the right words!!

Anonymous said...

You may have the right words, but good luck pronouncing them. Maybe jot a little note!

femail doc said...

Yes Wendy, right words, but exactly anon, who the heck would know how to say them? I wonder if she'd find the written message hilarious or would she call the police?

Mauigirl said...

That's great to know! I'll use it at my Korean nail salon where I get my summer pedicures!