Thursday, July 24, 2008

There's an awful latte coffee on your desk...

Thank heavens for drug reps and their coffee budgets. A few lattes from the local coffee shop is a great way to get past the front desk in my office, but I do promise you that I don't base my prescribing habits on free coffee.

That said, I was pretty pleased to see a full-leaded latte in the hands of a drug rep this morning. My medical partner got one too although, on average, she's not as prone to listen to their patter as I am. She spirited hers away to the bookshelf where we review prescription requests, and I carried mine off to the counter where we chart.

Several hours later, we are still carrying our cups from place to place. I finally land with my leftover dregs in my back office so I can polish it off while returning phone calls. Shortly thereafter, partner appears in office door.

"Did you take my latte?" she asks, surveying my desk.

"No," I answer without looking up, "This one's mine."

"What about the other one?" she demands.

I glance over by my left elbow where her latte and mine sit inches from one another right where I (who else could it be?) must have carried them in on two separate trips.


Bear Naked said...

If that were me, I would blame it on a busy mind-- yes that's it, a busy mind (sounds good)---- and not admit to a menopausal moment.

Bear((( )))

dada said...

First of all, let me say how much I enjoy your "Doc of Ages" website. However, in the past couple of days I accidentally accessed your "Menopause Moments" site when trying to get a new iPod Touch to access my bookmarked computer sites. It brought me here by accident instead.

That's when I read about the Turtles concert and being "So Happy Together" and actually laughed outloud. To day was my second visit to M.M. Coincidentally, it was the second time I chuckled aloud.

I have a string going here. Great blog. (You could have had another career -- as a writer.) Thank you!

Bear Naked said...

I posted one of my menopause moments on my blog today (Tuesday) with a link back to your blog.

Bear((( )))

Femail doc said...

Dada: Thank you back at you! I appreciate your comments!

BN: Thanks to you as well for link back. Yes, busy mind, that's all it is, right?

Bear Naked said...

Happy that you read the post on my blog.
Of course you may use it here.

Bear((( )))

Haralee said...

Patter? Oh no you didn't say that?Patter, but give me my coffee?

Wendy said...

Aww - you just needed the extra caffine. LOL!