Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Imagine me and you...lost

Two women, one menopausal moment.

My friend R and I went to see The Turtles last night. A young fellow beckoned us left ("Easy in, easy out"), and we parked in a near empty lot cordoned off from a public lot by yellow string. Was it legal? Was it necessary to pay $10? Who cares, it's the Turtles! He pointed waaay up the hill to a distant traffic light. "Walk up to the light, then turn right to the concert." Good thing we were in high spirits and sensible shoes.

After two opening acts --we never did figure out who they were-- and Melanie (as in "I've got a brand new pair of roller skates") who might have been drunk or stoned and who definitely could no longer carry a tune, the old guys formerly known as The Turtles bounded onto the stage. Fabulous! We were giddy and singing at the top of our lungs.

Alas, the walk, the singing, the excitement, we were too tuckered to sit through more than one song from Jack Bruce of former Cream fame. R turned to me. "Did he really just say "I'll be with you 'til my seeds are dried up?" Yes he did and indeed, the old goat is here just as he promised.

We headed straight down the hill, renewed despite the oppressive heat by singing "Imagine me and you, I do, I dream about you day and night, it's only right." On and on through the gathering gloom, through the now dark office park...that we didn't walk through on our way into the concert.

"Uh, I think we're lost."

"No way."

"Yes, we are, don't you tell anyone about this."

"My feet are killing me, and my orthotics are all sweaty."

We collaborated on deciding which way was west, then turned east. A group of municipal dog catchers were gathered in a darkened lot--now what do you think that was about--and R got directions from them. "See that traffic light waaay up the hill there? Turn right when you get there, and the theater you parked at is about a half mile down the road."

Off we went. So happy together.


30 years from Darling said...

A delightful evening!
It is sad thought when our heroes of music try to sing now and their voices no longer quite sound like they did when we were young.

There are a few touring out there that I just grimace when I hear them sing.

Anonymous said...

So much for not telling anyone.

Wendy said...

Boy - does that bring back memories!
The Turtles, The Cream, Melanie. Wow - what a show!
You two must have had a blast. Getting lost was the icing on the cake.
Glad you got home in one piece! I'm still chuckling as I picture two professional, middle-aged, people wearing orthotic flip-flops, and tight jeans bopping around in the middle of the night looking for a parking lot in the dark.
Oops - you weren't supposed to tell?