Saturday, May 3, 2008

I've flipped my lid!

Menopause moment from Wendy:

I was cold when I got home, so decided to warm up some milk and make hot chocolate. Opened a new tin of cocoa. I like to make my hot chocolate with honey and cocoa - the old fashioned way.

Took off the red plastic lid, peeled back the inner seal, spooned out some cocoa and then tried to put the lid back on. Didn't fit. I tried to screw it on. Wouldn't work. Tried to clip it on somehow - still didn't work. It just sat on top of the tin (actually cardboard) container of cocoa. I squished it on, only to spill a bunch of chocolate powder on my t-shirt.

O.K. - now I'm getting mad. What is wrong with these people! They can't even make a lid to fit - actually fit back on the container ?? Why do people have to make things so cheaply these days?? This is crazy. I'll just call the company.

I called the 1-800 number on the tin.
"How can I help you, ma'am?"
"I can't get this red plastic lid back on my cocoa. I've tried to screw it on, or clip it on, and I've only succeeded in spilling cocoa. This lid does not fit properly!"
"Oh, just a moment, I'll go and get a container and lid and see if I can help you solve this. Would you mind if I put you on hold?"
"Not at all. Thank you."

Thinking to myself: stupid cheap companies. If they think they can get away with lids that don't fit......
Hmm - what happens if I flip it over and put it on.

Click! Like magic the lid snapped into place.
I was mortified! Oh no - I had it on upside down!!! My fault entirely - and here I was blaming the company.
Should I wait for the customer service person to come back on the line?
No - I chickened out and quickly hung up.

Oh boy, he must think I'm the dumbest person alive. Maybe he even thought it was a crank call. Nobody would be that dumb!
The phone rang. Agggggg - don't tell me it's him, wanting to know why I hung up!

Whew - it was only my daughter. I was laughing when I answered the phone, so had to tell her of yet another "menopause moment."

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Wendy said...

I like your title better! Hope you get lots of comments. C'mon ladies, let's share the mirth.

JeanMac said...

Good one, Wendy.
This blog is going to be interesting. I'm so full of menopausal moments I can't even remember one - but I will:)

Beverly said...

I loved Wendy's post at her blog, and I still smile when I read it.

I came here by way of Jeanmac's

Femail doc said...

Hi Beverly, You had a pretty good computer moment you shared on Wendy's blog; care to repeat it here?

Mauigirl said...

Great moment! I am sure I have a number of them I can start sharing as they happen. (The previous ones I've already forgotten, like Jeanmac).