Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Cat's got your phone?

Here's a teenage moment to rival any lapse I've got to offer.

I was reading in the kitchen when a string of unprintable words issued from the teen as he traversed the back hallway. I squelched the maternal impulse to run and check out the situation, and, indeed, no need to get up, he soon ambled round the corner at a leisurely pace, shoulders slumped sadly.

"I can't believe it. I dropped my *#?# cell phone in the cat's water."

Well this got me to my feet. "You what? Good heavens, did you fish it out?"

"Are you kidding?" He looked at me as if I was the one who'd lost my mind. "And touch that water?"

I flew around the corner and rescued the cell phone which, amazingly, still worked. And the teenager wisely chose to still use it anyway, cat water bath and all, rather than have no phone at all.


JeanMac said...

Don't you love it:)

Dee said...

You're so brave!! hahhaha! You would have thought the phone had dropped into the LITTER box instead of bowl of perfectly drinkable water!

Wendy said...

Good thing you "fished" it out!Can't believe it still worked! And gee mom, like, who'd put their hands in that gross, yuk, disgusting water bowl??

Pk said...

It's 1:45 am ... I'm not sleeping because I'm freaking out that my teenager is graduating ..tonight I guess. It was tomorrow when I hit the web.

We had some rather wicked weather tonight, and while desperately trying to keep the car on the road, we heard an AWFUL noise and some rather disturbing rumbling. From the backseat, my soon to be graduate yells "What the @#%@# was that? HEY! REMEMBER I HAVE TOURETTE'S AND KEEP THE CAR ON THE ROAD!"

I'm not sure which surprised him more, the whatever hit our car, or the word that came flying out of his mouth in front of his mother. His quick defense about made me drive off the road laughing.

Proof I belong at this blog ... I went to your other blog this evening and noticed the link here. "Oh look, she has another blog!"
I look in my blog feeder, it's already there ...
ahhhh the joys web surfing while half asleep! (or being distracted by teenagers, or husband's or phone calls or ... or ... )

Femail doc said...

Hi Dee, I didn't get to be a doc because a little cat water puts me off. Likewise litter.

PK: Good luck, it took all my inner strength to not weep my way thru my hs grad's ceremony last year. Hope tonight goes well.

Jean and Wendy: Thanks for being early and often visitors. See Jean, I can deal with all the yucky aspects of cats!

Pk said...

My son's former youth pastor showed up on the doorstep a few minutes ago.... from GEORGIA!! Just to see him graduate. A graduation surprise

I may wind up crying after all!!

There is something incredibly touching in knowing your child means that much to someone else!

Mauigirl said...

LOL! He was lucky it still worked after being submerged like that. My husband had his phone in the pocket of his swim trunks when he went into a pool when we were on vacation - he realized it immediately before it was even completely submerged, took it out and opened it up and laid it in the sun to dry. No dice, it didn't work. He had to get a new one. Someone else told me their husband's phone died just from having tomato juice spilled on it!