Sunday, May 11, 2008

How do I get 'dis connected?

This from Beverly:

I recently got a new laptop that is equipped for wireless, and I have a router and all that.

I couldn't get it to work, so I called the company. The lady very patiently took me through everything...finally I looked and saw that I had not turned on the switch that connected it all. I felt rather dumb! I thanked the lady over and over. I did feel foolish.


Haralee said...

I think this is more an age intimidation, or insecurity problem than menopause problem. I know I am so sure that I am doing something wrong with technology that it never occurs to me that it could be the devise. Of course We have all been in your spot and really it just happens!

Wendy said...

Oh yeah - turn the darn thing on! I once had that problem with a new computer. Was on the phone to customer service and he asked if I had connected the computer to the phone line. What phone line?
How was I to know you had to plug it in, turn it on and also connect to a phone line - geezzzzz!!

But Bev - I think you take the award. LOL!

Beverly said...

In my defense, this is the first computer I've had with wireless capabilties built in. And the switch wasn't readily visible. I did feel a little foolish though.

I love this blog.

Wendy said...

I love this blog too, Beverly. And you don't need a defense. Your thinking was perfectly understandable.

Oh and that reminds me. I didn't know how to turn it off. Really! I just shut the lid of my laptop and thought it was off. It was when my son, the computer geek came over to visit and asked me why I didn't shut the computer down properly.

I told him I was shutting it properly. No, he said, shut the system down like you do on the main computer.
How was I to know? The manual said to shut the lid - so I did.