Saturday, October 4, 2008

Is there a brain in the House?

I was watching "House" this past week, my all-time favorite TV show. Actually, I was watching House, browsing through an amusing little tome called "Menopause: The State of the Art in Research and Management" AND racing downstairs during commercials to finish the dishes. Who says an aging doctor can't multi-task successfully on a Monday night?

Apparently I can't. No amusing gaffes here, just the realization at show's end that while I followed the main plot line, I didn't get the two sub-plots. All this education, and I can't even follow a couple of story threads through a prime time TV show, read a book, and clean up the kitchen. Too old to multi-task or just jammed tight in the bottleneck of my working memory?


Wendy said...

Ha! I can't even talk on the phone and microwave my tea anymore!
Off topic: have you heard of Hubby just showed me the ad in his MedicalPost.

Reality Man said...

The real question is, will Cuddy and the private investigator hook up and/or will the PI be House's new bud?

femail doc said...

W: At least you haven't exploded your cell phone in the microwave! I just looked at webcammd and signed up to get more info.

Bro: I thought you didn't see House last week. One point of my confusion: who is this PI fellow? Where did he come from? Did I miss something in not seeing first minute of show or while I wasn't paying attn, or was he introduced on a previous show? Did House hire him or did Cuddy?

Reality Man said...

Turns out Tobi has this Tivo thingy, so there was House even though my MM was spacing out that House had been on. As near as I can make out (I too multi-task: watching and drinking) the PI was hired by House to dig up dirt, for some reason, on Taub, Kutner and 13, but got interested in Cuddy for...biological reasons. It reminded me of something I haven't been able to put my finger on: a person, a king maybe, who hires someone to follow him around and make notes on him, or provoke him, or something. Can someone help this old boy out?