Sunday, October 12, 2008

Huperzine and the lack of menopause moments

My latest menopause moments include 1) Losing passwords when I cleared the cookies on my computer, but those passwords lost were chosen and entrusted to memory ages before I began work on my aging brain, and 2) Muddling our 2007 tax information back in early April shortly after my mom died, and only just discovering the mess now as the final tax form is due.

Other than that, I haven't worn toothpaste, dumped water on my head, misplaced my reading glasses (alright, I mean SERIOUSLY misplaced my glasses) or made any spelling gaffes in weeks. Coincident with or a result of using huperzine? I don't know, but brain seems to be working well these days.

Stay tuned for information from "The Overflowing Brain," the newest book on my nightstand.


Anonymous said...

This is really encouraging, though bad for your blog enterprise. I started it last night and slipped one to my husband, as well. We have each had two doses. I haven't noticed anything yet, but it's the weekend and expectations are low. With the beating my post-estrogen memory and verbal fluency have taken, any small improvement would be welcome.

Wendy said...

Sounds good - hope it continues to work.

dorsey said...

I love the size of huperzine (tiny) and the cost (low). It's possible I'm slightly friendlier but other than that I don't notice a difference, tried a double shot this morning. I gave up Deplin for a week before so my bloodstream would be pristine (not counting the 45 other things I take).

My niece has started taking it, along with omega 3, and is noticing a difference in nursing school (she's in her 40s). It must matter what kind of mind you start with. And if it's doing good things in any case, I'll add it to my bowlful of pills/supplements as an investment in my brain future.