Sunday, October 26, 2008

Acetyl L-Carnitine

I discovered this product through Dr. Larry McCleary's book "The Brain Trust Program" (and I again recommend this book to you). There is certainly no shortage of supplements that purport to improve your cognitive functioning and protect it against age-related damage. Acetyl l-carnitine(ALC), along with Huperzine-A (both available at a very reasonable price through Swanson Health Products) has some decent science to back up such claims.

In order to keep your neurons in charge of memory functioning in touch with one another, you need to produce the neurotransmitter acetylcholine(ACH). And what better way to keep a supply of ACH on hand than to take ALC? ALC not only supplies acetyl to your neurons as aging diminishes ACH, but studies suggest that ALC improves verbal memory so you won't carry on like a newscaster casting about for the right word when you're trying to appear sharp and on-your-game in a world that increasingly demands these qualities. ALC also seems to promote the production of nerve growth factors integral in brain cell maintenance.

How will we know for sure it's working other than waking up in our 70's and 80's with brains intact? Coincident with or as a result of taking Swanson's ALC and huperzine A, my day-to-day verbal fluency and working memory capacity has improved. You might consider giving them a try.


dorsey said...

I've been taking A L-C for a few years, imagine how stuttery I'd be if I hadn't. Heard a guy on NPR today say grasshoppers and other insects are good for the brain, contain something that helps with oxygen exchange. Only insects have it but I wonder if that's the jelly fish ingredient we love (jelly fish, insects of the sea?) Otherwise we'll need to collect good insect recipes. And Judy, since you're fine with going first on these things, I'll wait to hear. Grasshopper au gratin?

Anonymous said...

what is the dosage?

femail doc said...

anon: 500 mg/day