Thursday, August 21, 2014

No charge for library books

This is more like a menopause morning than a moment.

I think of myself as a low level techno-babe in the sense that I not only have a Kindle, but I know how to borrow and download books from the library on the device.  The only problem with this strategy is the fact that all the books which I've placed on hold tend to show up all at once.

One day last week, it was finally my turn for "The Signature of All Things".  My Kindle, so long idle, needed charging prior to the download.  I grabbed the charging cord from its usual spot where it was uncharacteristically placed, then headed off to the computer where I looked in on Facebook, read e-mail, studied Spanish, and browsed Amazon.

Oh right, I wanted to charge my Kindle which awaited my discovery in the third place I looked.  Back to the computer, but no cord in sight.  Walked around the house looking for the cord, had a hot flash after going up and down several flights of stairs in search of same, ended up cleaning off my desk upstairs, then off to the kitchen to make lunch.  Remembered the missing cord, restarted the hunt looking in all the same places, and finally found it hiding in plain sight on a table next to my clean desk where I'd doubtless lost interest in it and left it while grabbing my Spanish book.

Back to the computer where there was no Kindle.  Finally, after adding 14 flights of stairs to my daily total on my pedometer (did I mention I'm a techno-babe?), I was ready for the charge and the download.

And I didn't even like "The Signature of All Things". 

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