Sunday, December 27, 2009

Cutting edge...

Or lunatic fringe? Here's where the Christmas season took me:

1. I send a grocery certificate to our tireless paper man each year in thanks for his pre-dawn delivery of the news. I keep hoping that this little tip will cause him to throw it slightly closer to the door, but alas, that hasn't happened yet. I didn't send him one last year as I misplaced his "Christmas card" containing his self-addressed envelope (not stamped, however). Pulled a book off the shelf the other day, one that I read...oh say about a year ago...and found said card in play as a bookmark.

2. I received a rebate check about a month ago, not for much but 'free money' and a shame to lose it. But lost it was amidst the circulars and Christmas catalogues and back issues of "Science." While rooting around in my files the other day, I found it paper-clipped to the November bank statement.

3. My husband always totes a large trash bag out Christmas morning to throw away wrapping paper lest I grab it up for reuse next year. The bag swung with a metallic clunk against our radiator. On investigation, he found the scissors that I misplaced while gift-wrapping the night before. I have no idea how it got there, and I wondered if the lost roll of tape was in there too.


kenju said...

Good laughs with this one!!

midwest woman said...

Just found your blog and think it's great. I am a 58 y/o r.n. who hasn't worn a winter coat in years and sleeps with the window open when its ten below. Your blog made me think of my mother-in-law who said what's the big deal about menopause, just a little Lydia Pinckham in the afternoon and it was all fine. Lydia Pinckham was an old fashioned quack remedy whose medicinal quality was it was 100% proof. I guess if you take a couple of shots everyday it'll get you through anything.
Will keep reading...great blog.

Wendy said...

Hahahha - I like your titles. You always come up with good ones.

Good thing you did find your scissors. LOL!

Oh so you're having paper-boy woes too? I've given up. After 30 years of excellent service, a new kid on the block decided to throw the paper at the garage door. We complained for months - to no avail. We reported our paper "missing", since it wasn't in the basket by the front door where it was always delivered before. So they had to send a replacement paper. Nothing has worked. So we don't even tip any more.

I've had major computer problems, but now seem to be back on track somewhat - except my blogroll is missing. {{sigh!}}

Murr Brewster said...

I'm on the far side of menopause and everything's wonderful again. I can't find my way to the end of my sentences, but I can't remember things that bugged me, either. I've saved bundles on my heating bill and I entertain myself seeing how long I can keep my neck wobbling.

If you care, it's a mighty, mighty long time.