Saturday, November 21, 2009

Mary Karr's menopause moment

Mary Karr, author of "The Liar's Club", has a new book out called "Lit". She was here in Denver on a book tour. A warm and witty speaker, Ms. Karr especially engaged my interest when she had the perfect menopause moment during her talk.

An audience member had asked her if she checked the details of the life events in "Lit" with others who were there at the time. She began explaining that memoirs were most importantly about the way the author remembers events, that there is no need for objective input on details. Midway through her discourse on the role of memory in memoirs, she forgot what the question was.

I just finished this book (lucky enough to get an advance uncorrected proof from Amazon!) and I highly recommend it to you. If Mary Karr comes to your city on her promotional rounds, go see her; she's a pleasure to hear.


Wendy said...

Cool! Sounds like fun. Ha - I hope she wasn't unduly embarassed. I often forget what the question was in the first place, but then, I'm not in the middle of a public "talk".

Jeffrey said...

Menopause is something that has been affecting my wife for a few months until she underwent bioidentical hormone therapy and has been feeling better each month. She has researched the topic extensively and has really seen the benefits.