Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Twofer honorary menopause moment

These from Dada:

I'm typing this while the charcoal is heating on the patio. (I'm having my Memorial Day cookout. It's two days late. Reason? When I went to the store on the holiday for my bratwurst cookout items -- buns, brats, potato salad, mustard, etc. -- I returned with everything. Everything except the bratwurst! (And I had a grocery list.) I joined my wife for a veggie meal instead.)

But that's not my point. After reading your very funny MM glasses moment, I just had to share mine from this morning. (BTW, men can have menopause moments too, right? Maybe if not from that, maybe from all the cooked egg whites?)

Today was a landmark day. I would head out early to the Central Appraisal District's office to finally apply for my "over 65" property tax exemption. Mrs. Dada volunteered to go along.

"No, you sleep in, this shouldn't take me long," was my response. To make sure everything went smoothly, I even thought to take a copy of my birth certificate. I drove the 12 miles to their office very early as Mrs. Dada slept. Everything went exactly as I'd planned.

There were no crowds, I immediately signed in and moments later, before a clerk, was all set to go. That is, until she asked, "May I see a photo ID, like your a driver's license, please?"

Hopelessly groping for my wallet was futile. "Oh, I think I left it at home," I said sheepishly, sliding my birth certificate toward her. We both laughed as she slid my rejected birth certificate back to me as I related how the last things my wife always asks me as I depart the house to go shopping are, "Got the cell phone?" and "Do you have your wallet?" (It's almost embarrassing.)

This morning I wish she hadn't slept in, that she'd been around to ask me that last question; to save me 24 miles, a lot of time, and maybe an embarrassing menopause moment.


Dada said...

doc: Oh, how funny seeing this on your front page. (Thanks for the twofer honorary menopause moment!)

Just wanted to say, I have another early appointment at 8:00 a.m. today.

Fortunately my wife will be up and about before I leave the house, making the odds far greater I'll accomplish my intended 'mission' in one trip, not two! (Thanks again!)

Ed Yoblonski said...

On a recent trip to England we stayed in a B&B and filled out our registration documents over breakfast, using my favorite pen, and gave them to our hostess who took them into her kitchen. We went to our room to get ready for our day of exploring and I couldn't find my pen. I went back to the dining room and searched and even went into the kitchen to look. Disappointed at losing my pen I went back to our room to search some more. When I heard our hostess returning to the kitchen I went back downstairs to ask her if she had seen my pen. She hadn't but helped me search through the dining room and kitchen again. Then she looked at me and pointed to the "V" in the front of my shirt and asked "Is that your pen?" Sure enough, I had clipped it to my shirt after filling out our forms. Mystery solved.

Dada said...

Ed: Oh, I can so relate. But when do these moments go from amusing to concern?

Last eve as my wife and I were computer "Skype-ing" with our niece in Oregon, I excused myself to get a glass of wine. (No, it was to be my first.)

Listening to their chat while in the kitchen trying unsuccessfully to uncork a previously opened bottle of Merlot, I finally resorted to the corkscrew, successfully extricating the stubborn cork.

Yes, I was engrossed in what my wife and niece were saying, but not until I placed the recorked wine bottle back where I'd gotten it and proceeded to rejoin them did I realize how deeply I'd been attending what they were saying. For as I picked up my wine, I noticed the glass was just as dry as I'd gotten it from the shelf.

I'd forgotten the most important part -- to poor the wine!