Saturday, May 23, 2009

More adventures through the reading glasses

If it weren't for misadventures with readers, most days I'd have no menopause moments at all.

My patient and I wound up the annual visit with a little chitchat on aging and the challenges thereof. I gathered up my pen, my stethoscope, her chart, and prepared for a graceful exit from the exam room. Oh yeah, and my reading glasses, there they were on the desk by her chart.

"Whoa," says my patient, gently prying them from my grasp. "Those are're wearing yours!"


Wendy said...

Hahahaha - who needs the talk on aging? Hmmmm?? You or your patient. LOL!

Jaliya said...

Ohhh, yes ... My first *truly* embarrasing moment with my cheaters (another name for "readers") came one day when I was tearing around my home, trying to find my glasses. My husband sat on the couch, smiling, while I flung myself about. Finally I had to ask him: "Hon, have you seen my glasses?"

"Yes," he said, "They're on your head."