Sunday, September 14, 2008

Muffed muffins

This from anonymous:

I was making bran muffins this weekend while thinking of everything else I had to do besides making bran muffins. The batter was pale and sort of runny but I thought that was because I used white flour instead of wheat. I filled the paper cups with batter and it got all over the muffin tin because it was so runny but I finally got them in the oven.

I walked back to the counter to clean up and noticed the bran cereal waiting to be added to the muffins. No wonder the batter was so runny--I'd forgotten to put the bran in. You should try to scrape batter out of paper cups sitting in a hot metal muffin tin. What a mess. I added the bran cereal and put them back in the oven, they turned out dry and hard. Yuck.


Wendy said...

Oh yeah - your bran muffins have the runs! That's why they didn't need any bran. LOL!

Bear Naked said...

Cute story.
I don't know if you would be interested but on Monday, September 15th, I posted about my personal experiences with TVT surgery.

Bear((( )))