Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Honorary menopause moment

K. leads a crazy life as a single mother, cleaning our office in the early morning as well as managing another busy facility during the day. As she tossed our trash in the dumpster yesterday, she watched with a sinking heart as her 'smart key' (as in expensive, electronic key to new car) went twirling through space to the bottom of the bin. She donned rubber exam gloves a la crime scene investigation and clambered up a step stool to crawl into the dumpster after that key. Her sister arrived to help as the day began to grow light but ended up no help at all as she became helpless with laughter watching K emerge (with key) from dumpster, a blue shoe on one foot and a black one on the other.


Bear Naked said...

I love that --Honourary Menopause Moment-- is that something like the ladies in the Red Hat Society that wear pink hats until they reach that "MAGIC" age?

Bear((( )))

JeanMac said...

Good one!

Wendy said...

I love that one! Aren't sisters fun? They can be counted on to laugh at you time and time again!