Sunday, June 15, 2008

Mad as a wet hen!

Oh right, I was a wet hen.

I always wear a shower cap in the bath to keep my hair dry. I grabbed the cap in hand, tested the water temp, and stepped into the tub while pulling hat over head. I vaguely registered that the cap felt unnaturally weighty but proceeded to swing it up over my head.

Water poured over my hair as the cap emptied its contents down my head and face. I'd held it under the running tap as I used my index finger to check out the bathwater.


Beverly said...

doesn't that just make you ssssoooooo
mad....and feel so stupid???

Reality Man said...

I assume you cannot make this stuff up. And people with "green," earth-friendly hairstyles, who get up with a proper amount of time allowed to do their stuff, do not need shower caps.

Femail doc said...

Beverly: Moderately silly, I definitely felt that. Fortunately, no one there to see me looking like hen or drowned rat.

RM: People who inherit hair the likes of ours can ill afford wet hair before bed. Admit, your hair looks awful if you sleep on it wet. My hair looks roughly the way it did when I was a '60s style hippie--what could be more earth-friendly than that?

Anonymous said...

tsk, tsk, sibling rivalry. I'd give anything for hair I could reasonably pull back into a ponytail without it looking like one of those guys with a mullet!

Wendy said...

Figured when I read reality man's comment he was a sibling. Aren't they fun? Siblings, not wet hens.
I empathize with you - it's one thing to start the day with wet hair (it will dry during the day or with the help of a blow-dryer), but quite another to have to sleep on wet hair!!

30 years from Darling said...

My oh my! I'm so sorry, but I'm laughing really hard right now!!