Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Menopause morning

Moment, shmoment, this is turning into a day long lapse.

After looking frantically about for my cellphone, I called it to see if I could hear it ring somewhere in the house. No sooner did I hang up but the phone rang, my office manager calling to say the MIA phone was ringing on my office desk where I'd left it last night.

Then I rushed to exercise class, skidding into the lot at the last minute but, alas, no athletic shoes in the car. Between the moment I picked them up and the time I settled into the car, they vanished both from consciousness and arms.

When I arrived (late) to my dentist's office, I explained to his middle-aged receptionist the aggravating events of the day.

"Oh," she said in reference to the missing shoes, "I've done that. They're on your kitchen counter."

And so they were.


rlbates said...

Those days are frustrating, but you aren't alone.

Mauigirl said...

I can definitely relate. I sometimes have whole days where my brain is in a complete fog.

I didn't realize you had a new blog, I am now going to be reading all three of them!

Femail doc said...

RLB: I do feel like the overwhelmed (me) leading the inattentive (my son). Most mornings!

MG: I'm trying this blog out as a prelude to a book idea. I'm glad you found it as I would value any opinions you have on the usefulness of the content to a world of muddleheaded women.