Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Can't hold a thought. Period.

My forty-something patient and I chatted about her recent hysterectomy before we got started on the business of her annual exam. As we settled into her medical history, I ran through my usual questions about her energy level, sleep habits, diet, and exercise.

Moving on through the interview, I looked up and asked "So when was your last period?"


Denco said...

My favorite menopause moment, to date at least, was when we were visiting my brother and sister in law over Christmas. There was a mad dash to get to church and Mary was trying to make sure we got out the door. I heard her say to her daughter "Anna where are your, uh, your, uh, foot coverings?" One of the kids wrapped up a shoe for her to open on Christmas day.

Femail doc said...

Amazing how you can dance your way around a word, describe it, picture it, just can't say it.

Mauigirl said...

ROTFL! I bet you and your patient both had a good laugh over that!

Re: Denco's comment, I have been doing this stuff a lot lately, trying to think of a word and having to use a combination of words to describe it. It's a little scary because I think Alzheimer's patients do that too! I'm glad to hear it's just menopause!