Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Is this a new app for IPhones?

I grabbed my blue fleece jacket after exercise class, thrusting my hand in the pocket to make sure my IPhone was still there. Reassured by its familiar shape, I pulled it out to check for messages. My first shock--it no longer had a cover. The second? My photograph of autumn leaves was gone, replaced by the original "earth from space" wallpaper.

My brain whirled, trying to figure out how a phone could transform completely in an hour. Only then did I come up with the alternative--and correct--conclusion that this was not my blue fleece jacket; mine, in fact, still hung from its hook.

The times when my first explanatory pass at a menopause moment is completely absurd are those when I feel most in danger of impending dementia!


Sandra said...

Histerical, still laughing with you. Senior Moments are getting closer together for me

Haralee said...

Could have been worse when you tried your key to not your car wearing not your vest and not carrying your phone!

Wendy said...

Good thing your hand did not hit on a used hanky, or apple core! LOL!

femail doc said...

Hi Sandra, and welcome. Be sure to leave one of your moments for us.

Haralee, Could've happened, me still puzzling over my phone while trying to jam my not-key in my car.

Wendy, The used hanky was actually in the pocket of my really blue fleece jacket. I never, however, pocket apple cores, but feel totally justified tossing them out my car window. Do you? Keep them in your pocket that is?

Anonymous said...

I love that you considered it more likely that the phone had transformed than that it wasn't your phone. Agree that's the disturbing part, but fear not, at least your brain is working well enough to contemplate spontaneous i-Phone transformation.:)