Saturday, November 22, 2008

No waisting these pants!

This is not a menopause moment in a brain freeze sort of sense, but only a woman of a certain age could carry off such an episode with such aplomb. Here's what happened to my patient Donna:

She arrived at the store early; the parking lot was virtually empty. The proprietor of the small store stood at the door, enjoying the unseasonably warm day. He flashed her a welcoming smile as she got out of the car and began to walk across the lot.

Donna is working on weight loss but not yet ready to buy new pants, so she pulled on a baggy old pair for this errand run. Alas, halfway to the store, the stretched-out sweats dropped to her ankles. The store owner quickly looked away, but darned if Donna didn't reach down, hitch up her britches, and tuck them into her underwear under her shirt. Then...she proceeded into the store to conduct her business; after all, who's got time to do these chores twice?

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Wendy said...

Well good for her! To keep going right into the store. It must feel good to have pants that big - better than ones that are so tight you can't breathe.

I once was just leaving the post office, mail in hand, when my wrap-around-skirt came unwrapped! I quickly yanked it up, dropping my letters to the ground. Scooped them back up and did NOT turn around to see if anyone was watching. Just dashed to the car!